Adam E. Stone … Writer, producer, director

Resting Places: A Ballet Film (ballet film, 2015)

When we stop believing in our dreams, we die. Atlanta Ballet dancers Nadia Mara and Heath Gill star in this ballet film about a successful businesswoman who has forsaken her childhood dream of becoming a professional dancer. Directed, written, and produced by Adam E. Stone. Choreography by Tara Lee. Cinematography and editing by Jason Greene. Music composed by Varvara Gaigerova and performed by Eliesha Nelson, with Glen Inanga. Run time of 9:03. World Premiere screening: Saturday, August 29, 2015 at the Atlanta Ballet Block Party, Atlanta, Georgia. Official Selection: ITSA Film Festival (2015); Twin Rivers Media Festival (2015). Additional film festival and screening information coming soon!

Janet: A Silent Ballet Film (silent ballet film, 2014)

Four Edgar Degas paintings come to life in this haunting silent ballet film about alienation, acceptance, and the powerful, enduring legacy of Janet Collins, the first African-American prima ballerina to dance full time with a major company, the Metropolitan Opera Ballet in 1951. Directed, written, and produced by Adam E. Stone. Choreography by Tara Lee. Cinematography and color grading by Jason Greene. Starring Kiara Felder (Atlanta Ballet). Run time of 19:26. Official Selection: St. Louis Black Film Festival (2015); Middle Coast Film Festival (2015); Eastern North Carolina Film Festival (2015); Making a Difference for Reel Film Festival (2015); Alhambra Theatre Film Festival (2015); Oklahoma Dance Film Festival (2015); Blaquefyre Independent Film Festival (2015)(Winner of People’s Choice Award for Best Experimental Film); Equality International Film Festival (2014); MOVING IMAGES FORWARD, the online film festival channel of the 2014 International Black Women’s Film Festival (2014); Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (2014).

Thank You for the Letter (short essay film, 2014)

Written and produced by Adam E. Stone. Directed by Hong Zhou and Adam E. Stone. Cinematography and editing by Hong Zhou. Starring Dena Rash Guzman, Michele S. Lee, Sang Eun Lee, and Jinseon Kim. Run time of 18:16. Official Selection: Blaquefyre Independent Film Festival (2014); Twin Rivers Media Festival (2014).

Abstractly You Loved Me (feature essay film, 2013)

An experimental film about love, chronic pain, oxycodone addiction, and one man’s obsession with assassinating North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. Written and produced by Adam E. Stone. Directed by Hong Zhou and Adam E. Stone. Cinematography by Hong Zhou. Starring Dena Rash Guzman, Michele S. Lee, Sang Eun Lee, Jinseon Kim, and Longmei Ge. Run time of 59:16. Official Selection: Black Earth Film Festival (2014); Columbia Gorge International Film Festival (2014); Minneapolis Underground Film Festival television series (2015).

A Life Unhappening (spoken-word ballet, 2012)

A spoken-word ballet, in one act, exploring the impact of one woman’s Alzheimer’s disease on three generations of her family. Written and produced by Adam E. Stone. Choreography by Chelsea Stone. Lighting design by Richard Cadena. Featuring the dancing of Chance Hill, Carrie Kesler, Jeanine Holtgrave, and Hallie Chametzky, and the voices of Diane Glancy, Ty Defoe, and Bret Correll. Audio design by Jon Clarkson and Adam E. Stone. Original music by Nealey Gail Compton. Run time of 50:39. World premiere performance recorded and aired live by the Higher Education Channel (HEC-TV), in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Association, St. Louis Chapter. Available for viewing on the HEC-TV website.

The Score of Your Life (short dark comedy film, 2012)

Written and directed by Adam E. Stone. Cinematography and editing by Jason Greene. Produced by Michelle Greene. A 48 Hour Film Project. Run time of 7:45. Winner of the “Best Cinematography” award for Paducah, Kentucky entrants. Available for viewing on YouTube.

Cache Girl Saves the World: A Novel in Visions (DVD novel, 2010)

Combines audio of the novel’s text with still photographs of some of its action, packaged in DVD format. The novel tells the story of Ta’li, a young runaway whose Cherokee ancestors died on the Trail of Tears. Searching for peace for herself and the world, Ta’li finds herself in the swamps of Southern Illinois’ Cache River, where, with the help of the Swamp Asp and the legendary Big Muddy Monster, she embarks on a daring quest to bring her vision of empathy, empowerment, unity, social justice and ecological wisdom to a humanity seemingly bent on self-destruction. Written and directed by Adam E. Stone. Produced by Adam E. Stone and Thirza Defoe. Principal photography by Sarah Dalby Mason. Starring Thirza Defoe. Run time of 115 minutes. Official Selection: Wisconsin’s First Annual Native American Film Festival & Celebration (2010), in collaboration with Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI) and Native Punx. Additional screenings in collaboration with Casa Libre (Tucson, AZ), Trickster Gallery (Schaumburg, IL), and Cedarhurst Center for the Arts (Mt. Vernon, IL). Available from major retailers.

The New Harmonies (novel, Global Dialogue Press, 2009)

Sometimes a second chance appears when you least expect it. Divorced and frustrated with his life, Chris Laingowski has just about given up on his dreams: a career in music, happiness, love. But when childhood friend Skip Stepmeyer comes back into his life after a six-year estrangement, and introduces him to an amazing singer named Franklin Simpson, the three men embark on a musical odyssey. The result is The New Harmonies – an uplifting look at the lives of three working-class Southern Illinois musicians seeking fame and fortune in their professional lives, and love and harmony in their personal ones. Available in print and e-book versions from major retailers.

Kingston Fugue (novel, Global Dialogue Press, 2007)

Journey into the world of Jackson Williamson as he struggles to understand, and explain, himself in the aftermath of a dissociative fugue – a rare psychological condition similar to amnesia, but accompanied by a sudden, unexpected flight from one’s home and surroundings. Jackson’s world is one in which reality is a slippery concept: one in which Hondscio, the 900-year-old lead singer of the institution band the Catatonics, is both best friend and confidant; in which redemption begins with an explanation, an apologia from an absent father to the children who no longer know him, and in which understanding lies, if anywhere, in the ability of a lovely intern named Daniella to see that Jackson Williamson is not what others think him to be. Lush, lyrical, and infused with dissonance and counterpoint, Kingston Fugue is literary psychological fiction that explores the relationship between memory, personality, will, and reality. Available in print and e-book versions from major retailers.

Little Egypt is My Home (children’s musical, 2007)

Staged by the King City Theater Company (Mt. Vernon, IL). Contact for availability.

Xamon Song (novel, Global Dialogue Press, 2006)

Mike and Eddie are two young soldiers from the nation of Carbonia, lifelong best friends and frustrated musicians who now find themselves half a world away from home, conducting reconnaissance patrols deep in the forests of Xamon. They are increasingly disillusioned, afraid their military service is not to the people of Carbonia, but to the profit statements of SangreDenar, a corporation from Carbonia with large logging interests in Xamon. Digna Giraldo Cardona is a human rights activist from Xamon City, drawn to the forests to investigate persistent rumors of human rights abuses by paramilitary mercenaries linked to SangreDenar, determined to see for herself what is happening in the most remote, and dangerous, part of her country. A view from the ground of the meeting of cultures, of the human costs of corporate malfeasance and governmental collusion. Available in print and e-book versions from major retailers.